What We Do

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We are dedicated to three key initiatives and raising funds to support these initiatives.

Funding Research

Funding research for correcting health problems in the Saint Bernard


Educate the public, potential breeders, judges and the fancy on the Saint Bernard

Juniors Program

Encouraging youth to compete in Saint Bernard Events and to learn to love the Saint Bernard Dog breed


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The health and welfare of the Saint Bernard is paramount. Hip dysplasia, heart disease, bloat, epilepsy and osteosarcoma are the biggest health issues we face with the Saint Bernard dog. We must find ways to eliminate these from our precious breed.


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Many people don't understand the Saint Bernard. They think of them as a cute puppy but when they become 150 lbs and larger the love affair ends. They either abandon the dog, want to return it, or abuse it. This cycle must end. Only through education can we make people aware of the beauty of this gentle giant.


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Juniors are the future. Whether they are involved in the breeding and caring of the Saint Bernard, training for conformation or working-dog events, the junior is an important part of our breeds future. Through scholarships, the Charitable Foundation of the SBCA acknowledges the contribution of juniors education efforts and supports their achievements.